The purpose for which this non-profit corporation is organized is for the pursuit of religious purposes in accordance with the government and constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA) or it successors. This corporation is organized and operated exclusively for charitable services.


The Constitution of the First Presbyterian Church of Lake Park, Iowa is specifically stated in the Constitution of the Presbyterian Church (USA) Part I: the Book of Confessions and Part II: The Book of Order. The directives of the Constitution shall be adhered to by the Session, its officers, Deacons and the members of the Corporation. If any provision of these By-Laws shall be in conflict with a provision of the Constitution, the Constitution shall prevail.


  1. Active Church Members are those who have made a profession of faith in Christ, who have been baptized, who have been received into membership of the church and who are active in the church work and worship.
  2. Inactive Church Members are those who in the judgment of the Session, do not participate actively in the church's work and worship.
  3. Affiliate Church Members are active members of another PC(USA) congregation, or of a church which is in correspondence with the General Assembly, who have temporarily moved from the community where they hold a certificate of good standing from the church of which they are a member, and who have been received by the Session as an affiliate member.
  4. The Congregation of the church is comprised of the above-defined classes of members that shall exist.


  1. There shall be at least two stated meetings in one year of the Corporation/Congregation for the transaction of any or all business properly presented for discussion.
    1. The Annual Meeting shall be held on the third Sunday of January of each year following worship service. (For good cause, the Session may alter this date if proper public notice is given.) At this meeting the congregation shall review the budget and set Pastor's compensation, and any other matter referred by the Session and in accordance with the Constitution (G-1.0503). If weather does not permit, the Congregational meeting will be held the following Sunday.
    2. A stated meeting shall be held every year for the purpose of electing Ruling Elders and Deacons.
    3. Special meetings may be called by the Session or the Presbytery. The proper public notice of special meetings must be given in the same fashion as for a stated meeting. No subject matter may be considered, discussed or acted upon, which is contrary to or in addition to the purpose of the special meeting as stated in public notices.
  2. No meeting of the Corporation shall take place unless written and/or electronic public notice stating the day, place, hour and purpose of the meeting, is given two weeks prior to the meeting and announcement is given at the Sunday worship service on two consecutive Sundays.
  3. The Pastor shall preside over the Congregational Meeting. If the church is vacant, or the Pastor and the Session agree the subjects to be discussed require it, or if the Pastor is ill or is otherwise unable to be present, an appointee of the Presbytery shall be invited by the Session to preside.
  4. The Secretary of the Corporation, also known as the Clerk of Session shall act as Secretary at the meetings of the Corporation. If the Secretary is unable to attend, the Session shall appoint a Secretary.
  5. A quorum shall consist of ten (10) percent of the Active Members.
  6. Only Active Members may vote and no voting shall take place without a quorum present.
  7. Voting by proxy is not allowed.
  8. Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with the General Rules for Judicatories adopted by the General Assembly so far as they apply, and when the do not apply, according to usual legislative Rules of Order. (G-3.0105)
  9. All meetings shall be opened and closed with prayer.


  1. The Session shall act as the Board of Trustees for the Corporation.
  2. The Session is charged with the spiritual oversight and government of the Corporation and its Congregation.
  3. The Session shall consist of nine (9) elders with three (3) equal classes of three (3) elders.
  4. Members of the Session shall be elected from the Active Members of the church at the stated meeting of the Corporation called for elections.
  5. A husband and wife of the same family cannot serve on the Session at the same time.
  6. Session member shall be elected for a three (3) year term and may not succeed themselves unless they have served for a one (1) year or less term. Session members may be re-elected after one (1) year has elapsed.
  7. The Pastor of the church shall preside over the Session.  An appointee of Presbytery may be invited by the Session to preside whenever the Pastor and the Session agree that circumstances require such an invitation.
  8. The Session shall not approve of any church expenditure, excluding emergency repairs of utilities for church building and manse, in excess of $2,500.00 without the approval from a     majority of the Active Church Members present at a Congregational meeting.
  9. The Session shall give approval of all stewardship drives and any calls for giving or fundraising and disbursements of funds from these events within the congregation or its programs.


  1. The Board of Deacons shall consist of six (6) members.
  2. Members of the Deacons shall be elected from the Active Members of the church at the stated meeting of the Corporation called for elections.
  3. Deacons shall be elected for a three (3) year term and may not succeed themselves unless they have served for one (1) year or less. Deacons may be re-elected after one (1) year has elapsed.


A Nominating Team will be established each year for the purpose of discerning and placing in nomination active members to serve as Ruling Elders, Deacons, and Team members of any standing committees of the Session.  They may also be asked by Session to propose nominations for other church positions, temporary or programmatic: (G-2.0401)

  1. Membership of this Nominating Team shall consist of:
    1. Two (2) Ruling Elders: Two of the outgoing Elders from Session, with one who shall serve as team leader.
    2. One (1) from the Deacons.
    3. One (1) from Presbyterian Women.
    4. One (1) from Youth Group
    5. Two (2) to be elected by the congregation
  2. All shall serve for a one (1) year term.


All debts of the corporation shall be paid by the Corporation. The individual members of the Corporation shall be exempt from any personal liability for the debts of the Corporation.


These By-Laws may be amended, repealed or altered in whole or in part by two-thirds vote of the active members present at any duly organized meeting of the Corporation. The proposed change shall be hand delivered, emailed, or mailed to the last recorded address of each voting member at least ten (10) days before the time of the meeting which is to consider the change.

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