Wedding Guidelines

We congratulate you on your plans to be married and are happy that you have chosen to be married in our church. So that you will have the information you need to plan for the wedding here, we have prepared a list of rules and guidelines. Please read these carefully and feel free to talk to our pastor about them.

How to arrange for the Wedding

The wedding is to be arranged with the pastor of the church. Please contact the pastor in advance of setting your date. If you wish to have a pastor of another church assist or take charge of the wedding, the pastor of this church should be asked to make the contact and invite the other person to share or conduct the wedding service.

Our Book of Order (W-4.9002) requires some things about any wedding service. The preparation includes a needed time for discussion and pastoral counseling about the Christian and State of Iowa understanding and requirements of marriage, its implications about discipleship, the actual order and contents of the service, and their life together in a Christian community. Our church thus follows certain standards that need to be followed. We do not permit known homosexuals to be married in our building or on our grounds. We do not permit tobacco or alcohol use anywhere on our property. Music, decorations, and the service contents all need to reflect a Christian service of honoring God first and the Covenant nature of marriage. (W-4.9003 – W-4.9005)

In setting the time for a Saturday wedding service, please take into consideration the need to have the church sanctuary and fellowship hall cleaned for Sunday morning worship. Rice is not to be thrown on the premises.

The piano and organ will not be moved. The table and font will not be moved. All furniture moved should be returned to its proper place following the wedding. Dish towels, tablecloths, etc. must be laundered, ironed, and returned promptly.

Use of the Kitchen must be made known to the Presbyterian Women and a representative from the PW must be present to supervise its use. Under no circumstances may the silver service be left unattended. Please completely dry all pieces of silver and place in proper bags provided and locked into cupboard after use. The Presbyterian Women would greatly appreciate any donation they receive for their ministry in the kitchen.

There is no charge for the use of the church by members. There is a $50 advance fee required of non-members due at the time of reservation. A contribution from all parties for use of the church may be given to help offset operational costs of the building. In all cases, the session must give approval for the wedding ceremony and any reception. (W-4.9003)

Approved by Session 3/8/2006

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