Count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus…For sin shall not be your master because you are not under the law, but under grace. — (Romans 6: 11,14)

"Do you know the Good News of Christ Jesus? You are saved and remade in Him.” That’s what the man at the fair said. It kinda got to Darcie. After all, she came to the fair to have some fun, let go of her cares, and just be with her friends. But that got to her. All this religion stuff was like her grandma making her go to church and sitting there in the heat with a boring sermon and slow music. It was not at all like the fair! Especially the midway with its lights and screams and nauseating fun. Was it all real?

Darcie got swept up in the fun that night. She even ate a little too much cotton candy. And, ooh, she kissed Sam at the top of the ferris wheel! He was so cute. And that was all he wanted, a kiss. So refreshing. She didn’t deserve him. That thought turned her back to the man earlier—“Do you know the Good News of Jesus Christ?” Did she?

Her mood went downhill from there. As they were getting ready to go home, Sam asked her if he had done something wrong. “Sorry if that kiss was not what you wanted. The last thing I want to do is hurt you or force you to do anything.” “Oh, no, that was wonderful and just right. No, I’ve just been thinking. You know, about that preacher guy. What is the Good News stuff he is talking about? I have done pretty bad things, and you know I don’t live like grandma said. I come to the fair. I don’t deserve any of that.” Sam stopped and turned her toward him. “The Good News is that even though God knows all of that, he loves you anyway, just like you are. Sure he wants to help you get even better. But he loves you for being you. Jesus has got you and me. That’s what is the Good News.” Darcie liked that Sam understood that and she thought, “He’s a Jesus dude, so no wonder I feel so safe and he is decent.” Aloud she said, “I guess. Thanks.” He squeezed her hand.

Have you shared the Good News? In this time of summer fun and activities, enjoy yourself. And if the opportunity comes, share the truth of Jesus! You are under grace, and you are alive to God in Christ Jesus.

- Pastor Tim

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