From the Pastor’s Desk…

The other day I had a phone call.  The young lady was distraught because she was without a job, without food, and without money.  She had a kid on the way and a boyfriend who had skipped out.   Her rent was due and her utilities were next.  She was relieved that they wouldn’t turn off her power in the winter, but worried nonetheless.  After three hours connecting her to resources and listening to her and just being with her, she was more at rest, able to see at least a game plan ahead.  Her rest was not complete calm nor was it without worry, but it was trust in God.  Psalm 55 is this same story.  Go get out your Bible and read it.  I’ll wait right here until you get done with that……Ok, so see how the psalm starts—all panic filled and despairing and for good reason.  The things were not going right, the rumours were flying, the vultures circling.  The Psalmist just knows things are bad.  And the call goes out to God—where are you?  If I could, it says in verse 6, I would sprout wings and fly away to a resting spot.  But I can’t and they are closing in.

Many many folks have been there—some of you reading might be there now.    Bills piling up, waiting for bad news, or fearful of what the future holds. Maybe it’s seasonal affect issues, or missing someone very deeply, or being helpless in a health issue. Or maybe it’s the violence and mean spirit that seems to have gripped our world.    Maybe it’s being alone.   Some of you might feel as if you are surrounded by things gone wrong.  And where is God in this?   That woman I was helping, she said something like that too.

 “Pastor, thanks, but I have a question.  Why do we do Christmas this time of year?  I mean its dark, dreary, and cold.  The worse in things seems to stand out more.  And the singing and buying and all the stuff just makes it worse if you are going under.  Why did God do that?”  Psalm 55 changes in verse 16 to say—“I will call on the Lord in lament and song, I will not stop crying out to God about this.  And God will hear and God will save me.  Things may be bleak, but I trust in my God.”   And like the Psalm, the girl gave her own answer.  “I guess the dark makes God a little brighter, gives real hope because it’s not lost in the bright light that summer or no problems brings.  Maybe it is to tell us that even in this, God’s got our back.  This is hard.  Thanks for the help.  Thanks to God.  See ya later.”  

Prepare your hearts this Advent.  Come to see the Light of the Good News in the midst of the dark.  It’s not about presents or food, it’s not about the right songs or pretty lights or even the family get-togethers.  It’s about the Gospel message—even in the darkest hours, even in the valley of death, even when you are surrounded in troubles and rumors and enemies, even there God is present and God is working to remake you.  God has your back because God LOVES You! 

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