All a person’s ways seem right to them, but the Lord weighs the heart. To do right and just is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice. –Proverbs 21: 2-3

So a new year has begun, our annual meeting is over. The long winter between Christmas and Spring is starting. Each of us has our opinions on what is to come, on what is best and how to do it. Let us not forget this gem of wisdom from scripture—we think we have the plans, we think our ways are the best, but it is God’s plans that we must be about, it is God’s love we must show each other. Let me ask you to seriously take some time this month, the month of love in the secular world, and reflect on the real love of Christ in your life. How are you living into your discipleship?

Have you proclaimed Christ in your life, your work, your play and your study, your joy and your sorrow? What difference does being a Christian actually make in your life?

What have you shared with the church and community? What time, talents, and resources do you share in this ministry? Does it align with what Christ did for you?

How is your prayer life? Regular as in daily? How is your worship practice? Regular as in weekly? Would a coach say you were an athlete with your amount of practice? Would a boss say that you were a faithful employee? Would a friend say you spent time with them or stayed caught up?

What have you done about justice lately? Is it a thing about those you meet and have in your life? With those you meet in the community? Does it define how you act?

Joy—do you have it deep down in your soul? Do you share in fellowship and hospitality? Do you know your church family? Do you spread it in the community? Do you invite others?

How do you care for the earth? The people in this community? The ones you love? How do you care for the ones you might not love? Are you a good steward?

These are just a few of the questions the Book of Order asks of all members—not out of rules but out of sharing God’s love. May the love of God, the fellowship of Christ, and the peace of the Spirit be with you all.

- Pastor Tim