The Lord does not let us forget his wonderful actions; God is kind and merciful. The Lord provides for those who honor him; God never forgets the covenant.
-Psalm 111: 4-5 (Good News Translation)

I gave a homework assignment for most of July and August to the church based on my sermon series about the 4 gifts God grants the Church to help us grow in our faith journey: (1) worship and prayer (1 Thessalonians 5:17), (2) service in doing good (Ephesians 2:10), (3) Fellowship (Acts 2:42), and (4) Bible Study (2 Timothy 4:2). The assignment was in each of these areas —

  • attend worship more regularly and participate in it,
  • do good for someone who cannot repay you
  • increase your fellowship with someone in the church that you don’t like or know well, and
  • attend a Bible Study

I asked each week in church how it was going, and warned that it would be hard. So now I extend that same homework to each of you who receive this newsletter. This is not some pie-in-the-sky issue. It is at the heart of being a follower. And no, it doesn’t get you to heaven and no it isn’t about a guilt trip. But who of you doesn’t take training to do your job, doesn’t work on your marriage or relationship, doesn’t study in school? So why should you neglect your spiritual growth? And why shouldn’t we who are called to community do it together? Unconvinced that this is actually a spiritual health issue? Read 2 Peter 1: 5-13.

We have been a congregation for 125 years this year by the grace of God. Many have learned of God’s grace, practiced mercy in this area, and otherwise grown up in faith here. We currently have members who are in seminary, who are parents and grandparents, who work to serve and keep folks safe, who play cards together or cook for each other, who give to the community and serve folks. Our Mobile Food Pantry helps many. What is God calling us to in the next 125 years? What is God calling you to today? How are you growing in your relationship with God and each other? If you haven’t been to church in a while, come worship! Follow us on the audio worship online at If you don’t pray every day at home, pick up a devotional book at church or call the office and we’ll send you one. If you haven’t been together and had fun and fellowship, I invite you to our events like the Family Game Night in August or to just go and visit each other. And study the Bible with others - we have one on Fridays at 10am, all the PW circles have Bible Study, and we are starting a new one in September on Wednesday nights at 6pm. There is a weekly Bible Study at the nursing home as well led by the three local pastors (we each take a turn). Or if you want to start one but need some help, let me know.

God is faithful. God is kind. God is active and brings life. God provides for those that honor God. In all things we are called to be “imitators of God, living a life of love just as Christ loved us” (Ephesians 5:1). Blessings to you saints. I encourage all members to talk to myself or the elders about your progress and spiritual health. Call me at 712-832-0062 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or just stop in.

- Pastor Tim

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